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Bonbons Au Chocolat

An essay about life
Written by Eliza Choi and Pedro Ch. Mata

Like a box of chocolates, life is as complicated as a box of chocolates.

You never know what flavor is coming up next.

Sweet, indulgent caramel, when happiness is around. Or maybe Milk Chocolate, if life is indecisive about how to strike next.

It can also be dark chocolate. The bitter flavor can last long enough to forget how was that sweet last chocolate, to cry it's loss. It can even last long enough to make you want to deny the next chocolate in the box. But, either way, the flavor won't be eternal.

And life will always have more chocolates to give. And new flavors are always in confection. The adventure is, to try always new flavors, every flavor life has to offer.

The chocolates life gives always come in different shapes and sizes. The best ones may be smaller, but you can enjoy every tiny bit of them. Maybe, darker chocolate lasts longer…But we can learn to enjoy the taste of bitterness, like the best wines, that with time, they only improve, no matter how long winter lasts.

Some flavors are to remember. Mures au chocolat. Blackberry chocolate. The combination of a  wayside flavor and chocolate. Or maybe strawberry jam bombon. Sweet desiring passion dipped in chocolate. You will never forget a flavor so special in your life, because it came and it went, but it left a sweet sensation, and in those small, sweet sensations, lies the very secret of everlasting life.

Sometimes, even the smallest hill appears in front of us like the biggest mountain. Sometimes, the littlest drizzle appears to us like a hurricane. But you have to be the mountain. And the hurricane. Those are the times when you seek into your chocolate box. If you are brave, you'll take the risk and taste the next flavor, no matter which will it be. Sometimes, you will be coward. And you are afraid no more sweetness lies in that box. Only bitterness and tartness. That's when you think the sun shall gleam no more.

But this is no more than madness, because sweetness is in every corner of that box. The truth is, no matter how dark the chocolate, the bitterness is there only if we want to. Life can teach you to enjoy the bitterness of chocolate, because it always contains sugar. You just have to taste it.
That is why you always have to love as if you've never been hurt.

Sing, as if you are not being heard.

Dance, as if you are not being watched.

Work, as if you are not being payed.

Take chances, as if there will be always a reward.

Because that box may be finished tomorrow.
That's why you always have to enjoy every taste, every single piece of chocolate. You will never know which is the last one. And the fulfillment of having tasted all flavors, is recomforting. Is exciting.

But it's always wise to taste only one flavor per time. Because flavors(in this case, emotions) are something too powerful to play with. They are the filling of the chocolate, one of the most important parts. They are the filling of our souls!The emotions, contained inside the chocolates.

Sometimes, the salty tang of our tears is the best mate with chocolate.
If we remember last flavors, they bring us happiness. Everytime that caramel appeared, life was resolved, and the future was bright.
But then again, tears went out, like magnetized, rushing to the sea.
Are really tears parts of the sea inside us? Who knows! All I know is that one chocolate of the destiny's box can heal us. Or make us worse. Who knows…

…All that I'm grateful for, is that destiny sent us a chocolate box to enjoy the risks of being hurt. To taste the joyness of sugar. To delight with milk chocolate. To learn from bad times with dark chocolate. Or even to find some nuts! Who knows! That box is full of surprises I am happy to receive, even if unpleasant. Because an unpleasant surprise is oracle of many more joyful surprises. Who knows!!

So please, do yourself a favor, and do not fear the next chocolate in that box. Enjoy it. From the moment you touch it, to the moment it is in your tongue. That chocolate might contain your happiness!
That box is full of surprises…..Who knows!!

Main alter ego of
Ellie, one of my four alter egos, has a very phyllosophical way of seeing life, but quite uplifting.
One night, far in the astral space, a supernova occured,and she and I met. It was an astral encounter. She hoped I could show the world how to really enjoy life.
Like a chocolate box!!
I really really hope you liked it, and if you did, please, comment!!!
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Vero-Nefanel Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010
I love it, you have a lot of talent... I want a chocolate eh? :D
gaiatree Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010  Student Writer
thank youuuuuusss!:boogie: i hope u really apply this message in everyday life
ArcherVale Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Way to cool! I loved it!!! :D
gaiatree Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010  Student Writer
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